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NADINE - Kim Basinger, Jeff Bridges - 1987
A manicurist's search for provocative photos involves her with mobsters when she accidentally obtains top-secret maps.
NAKED BENEATH THE WATER - Richard Teran, Dave Taub, James Wright Jr., Syen, Wendy Taylor, Bonnie Steiger - 1995
Recognizing his brother on a TV show, featuring a snuff film, Pelle searches for clues to unravel the mystery behind his brother's brutal slaying.
NAKED CAFE: AMY GRANT - Amy Grant, Shawn Colvin, Indigo Girls - 1994
Amy Grant in her home in Nashville; vintage clothes shopping with Shawn Colvin; a visit to the New York Aquarium with the Indigo Girls.
NAKED GUN, THE - Leslie Nielsen, Priscilla Presley - 1988
"Police Squad's" Lt. Frank Drebin attempts to thwart a drug kingpin's plot to assassinate the Queen of England.
NAPOLEON AND JOSEPHINE: A LOVE STORY - Armand Assante. Jacqueline Bisset, Anthony Perkins - 1987
Mini-series depicted the relationship between Josephine and Napoleon. His obsession for her. Their romance.
NATIONAL LAMPOON'S ANIMAL HOUSE - John Belushi, Tim Matheson - 1978
In the early 1960s, the repulsive Delta House frat brothers battle the suave Omega House and the college dean.
NATIONAL LAMPOON'S CHRISTMAS VACATION - Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo - 1985
You've just got to pity poor Clark Griswald (Chevy Chase) who tries his darndest to host a "fun-filled family Christmas" only to be victimized by every disaster imaginable.
NATIONAL LAMPOON'S EUROPEAN VACATION - Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo - 1985
After winning a European holiday on a TV game show, the Griswold clan goes on a chaotic tour of Old World capitals.
NATURAL, THE - Robert Redford, Robert Duvall - 1984
The almost mythical ability of a middle-aged baseball player rockets a major-league team toward the 1939 pennant.
Kelly Lewis, Attorney at Law, has successfully defended several high profile clients against criminal charges much to the embarrassment and chagrin of the city's Mayor's office. In an effort to discredit her, the city puts her on a 24 hour surveillance camera!
NEAR ROOM, THE - Adrian Dunbar, David O'Hara, Julie Graham - 1996
A struggling journalist's daughter returns from his past in a web of scandalous affairs that include child pornography, blackmail and murder.
NECROMANCER - SATAN'S SECRET - Elizabeth Cayton, Russ Tamblyn - 1988
When beautiful co-ed Julie is savagely raped, she vows revenge on her violators and she makes a pact with the devil.
NEON CITY - Michael Ironside, Vanity - 1991
Environmental hazards and marauding bikers threaten a transport crossing the post-nuclear wastelands.
NEVER GIVE AN INCH aka SOMETIMES A GREAT NOTION - Paul Newman, Michael Sarrazin, Henry Fonda, Lee Remick - 1971
A two-fisted lumber family bucks the close-knit timber community in order to deliver a shipment of logs in defiance of a strike.
NEW GLADIATORS - Claudio Cassinelli, Eleonor Gold, Howard Ross, Fred Williamson - 1983
Directed by the master of Italian splatter, Lucio Fulci. TV of the future is bigger, badder and bloodier than your wildest expectations - brought to you live and to death!
NEW KIDS, THE - Shannon Proesby, James Spader, Lori Laughlin - 1984
When two orphaned children move in with relatives they are tormented by the neighborhood bullies but retaliate in a bloody showdown.
NEW KIND OF LOVE, A - Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward - 1963
A reporter in France falls in love with a Manhattan fashion buyer posing as the "Parisian Princess of Prostitution."
NEW YORK NIGHTS - Marilyn Chambers, Julia Parton, Susan Napoli - 1994
A trio of women from various places end up sharing the same luxury apartment in NYC while looking for rich men in this sex comedy.
NEW YORK VAMPIRE - Tommy Sweeney, Julie Lynch - 1991
An attempted suicide finds himself seduced by a beautiful woman named Camilla who has promised his life will NEVER end!
How ILM created digital dinosaurs for "Jurassic Park"; chemistry of bread; skater Scott Hamilton conserves angular momentum...
NEXT ONE, THE - Keir Dullea, Adrienne Barbeau, Jeremy Licht - 1984
Haunting tale of a strange traveler from the future who breaks the barrier of time and lands on a quiet, isolated island.
NICE GIRLS DON'T EXPLODE - Barbara Harris, Michelle Meyrink, Wallace Shawn, William O'Leary, James Nardini - 1987
A teenage girl disovers that intamacy with boys causes her to start fires telekinetically. Mom keeps a fire extiguisher handy to help out.
NIGHT CALLER FROM OUTERSPACE - John Saxon, Maurice Denham - 1966
Sex-starved aliens come down to earth where they stalk young fertile women.
NIGHT CHILDREN - David Carradine, Nancy Kwan - 1989
An unorthadox Los Angeles cop puts his life on the line to stop the punks who have taken over the streets.
NIGHT CREATURE - Ross Hagen, Nancy Kwan, Donald Pleasance - 1978
The Night Creature is a man-eating leopard with nine lives. Problems start when there is one bullet left and two lives to kill.
NIGHT EYES - Andrew Stevens, Tanya Roberts - 1990
A surveillance expert is hired to spy on an art gallery curator who is married to an obnoxious long-haired has been rock star.
NIGHT HAS A THOUSAND EYES - Edward G. Robinson, Gail Russell - 1948
A spiritualist becomes desperate to save the life of a young woman whose death he foretold.
NNIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS - David Selby, Kate Jackson - 1971
The surviving heir of the barren Collins estate brings his wife to live in the mansion.
NIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST - John Baer, Angela Greene, Georgianna Carter - 1958
No girl was safe as long as this head-hunting thing roamed the land!
NIGHT OF THE COMET - Catherine Mary Stewart, Kelli Maroney, Robert Beltran - 1984
After a brilliant comet explodes overhead, three survivors are sought after by scientists who need their blood to stay alive.
NIGHT OF THE GHOULS - Kenne Duncan, Valda Hansen - 1959
A phony mystic gets more than he bargained for when he conjures up the dead.
NIGHT OF THE LIVING BABES - Michelle McClennan, Connie Woods, Andrew Nichols - 1987
Horror movie parody about two guys who spend a night at Madame Mondo's Fantasy Palace and find that they are candidates for a sex-change.
NIGHT PASSAGE - James Stewart, Audie Murphy - 1957
A railroad troubleshooter carrying a payroll is held up by his brother's outlaw gang.
NIGHT SCHOOL - Rachel Ward, Leonard Mann - 1981
A police investigator must capture a knife wielding killer that is decapitating the young women of a local night school.
NIGHT STALKER, THE (MCA) - Darren McGavin, Simon Oakland, William Daniels - 1974
Two episodes from the series. Kolchak tracks down a Jack-the-Ripper-wannabe and a female vampire stalking hookers in Los Angeles.
NIGHT TERROR - John Quade, Nicholas Pryor, Valerie Harper - 1976
While enroute to her ill son's bedside a woman witnesses the murder of a highway patrol officer and is pursued by the killer.
NIGHT THE LIGHTS WENT OUT IN GEORGIA - Kristy McNichol, Dennis Quaid, Mark Hamill - 1981
Country-singing siblings on a road to nowhere rustle for low-life in the fast lane.
NIGHT TIDE - Dennis Hopper, Linda Lawson, Luana Anders - 1961
A sailor meets a girl that believes she is a mermaid from a race of killer sea people which leads to madness and murder.
NIGHT WE NEVER MET, THE - Matthew Broderick, Annabella Sciorra, Kevin Anderson, Louise Lasser - 1992
Romantic complications ensue when three yuppies decide to time-share a New York apartment.
NIGHTFALL - David Birney, Sarah Douglas - 1988
Reason collides with superstition in this powerful sci-fi film based on the critically-acclaimed Isaac Asimov story.
NIGHTFALL - Jeff Rector
In the jugular vein of From Dusk Till Dawn and Def By Temptation, Nightfall is a dark chiller that will have you praying for daylight.
NIGHTLIFE - Scott Grimes, Cheryl Pollak, John Astin - 1990
When an electrical storm hits a mortuary, four teen corpses are reanimated into a quartet of invinceible zombies hungry for food, sex and revenge.
NIGHTMARE CASTLE - Barbara Steele - 1965
An all-out grisly horror in an atmospheric Gothic setting; a madman murders wife for infidelity.
NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, A - Robert Englund, John Saxon, Heather Langenkamp - 1984
A group of students are systematically slaughtered in their sleep by the predatory monster of their shared nightmare.
NO MERCY - Richard Gere, Kim Basinger - 1986
While trying to track down his partner's killer, a Chicago cop becomes involved with a crime czar's enigmatic mistress.
NO BLADE OF GRASS - Nigel Davenport, Jean Wallace, John Hamill - 1970
A virus of doom envelops Earth! No room to run! No place to hide!
NO TIME FOR SERGEANTS - Andy Griffith, Nick Adams - 1958
A Georgia farm boy inducted into the service sets the military on its ear by his refusal to conform to standards.
NO WAY TO TREAT A LADY - Rod Steiger, George Segal - 1968
A psychotic killer of elderly women dresses in various disguises and eludes a persistent detective.
NOMAD RIDERS - Wayne Chema, Richard Clark - 1981
When a family is brutally murdered by a group of violent thugs, he seeks equally violent revenge.
NOMADS - Pierce Brosnan, Lesley-Ann Down, Mary Woronov, Adam Ant, Nina Foch - 1986
A French anthropologist battles mythic spirits and transfers his memories to an emergency-room doctor who tried to save him.
NORTH BY NORTHWEST - Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint - 1959
An advertising agent runs for his life after a simple case of mistaken identity immerses him in high-level espionage.
NOT OF THIS EARTH - Traci Lords, Arthur Roberts - 1988
Based on the 50's Corman classic, this sci-fi send-up is fast, fun and frightening.
NOTHING BUT THE BLUES - Eric Clapton - 1995
Eric Clapton: Nothing But the Blues: An In the Spotlight Special featuring performances by Howlin' Wolf, Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters, B.B. King, etc.
NOTHING BUT TROUBLE - Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd - 1991
A carefree jaunt to Atlantic City lands four yuppies in the clutches of a backwoods judge with an axe to grind.
This is what a lot of guys imagine when visiting the gym and seeing an attractive woman working out. And what's that... they're naked?!
NUMBER ONE WITH A BULLET - Robert Carradine, Valerie Bertinelli, Billy Dee Williams, Peter Graves - 1987
When a key witness escapes, two narcotics cops take the law into their own hands to break up a vicious drug ring.
NUTCRACKER, THE MOTION PICTURE - Hugh Bigney, Vanessa Sharp, Patricia Barker - 1986
Pacific Northwest Ballet presentation of Tchaikovsky classic about a girl and her holiday fantasies.
NYMPHOID BARBARIAN IN DINOSAUR HELL - Linda Corwin, Mark Deshaies, Scott Ferro - 1991
The pre-historic and the pre-pubescent, together at last.


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