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EARTH VS. FLYING SAUCERS - Hugh Marlowe - 1956
Excellent special effects highlight this first-rate 50's sci-fi thriller. Simply pu, the title is the story.
EAST OF EDEN - James Dean, Julie Harris - 1955
A troubled young man wages a desperate struggle to win his father's love in this Oscar-winning adaptation of the novel.
EATING RAOUL - Paul Bartel, Mary Woronov, Ed Begley Jr., Don Steele - 1982
A provocative ad lures perverts to the home of two new restauranteurs with a novel method of financing their business.
EBONY, IVORY AND JADE - Rosanne Katon, Coleen Camp, Sylvia Anderson - 1976
A cadre of Las Vegas performers and showgirls are assigned by the government to protect a scientist pursued by terrorists. (Pilot for unsold series.)
EDENQUEST: PAMELA ANDERSON - Pamela Anderson, Leeann Tweeden - 1995
Visually pleasing romp for fans of Pamela Anderson and/or Leeann Tweeden.
EIGER SANCTION, THE - Clint Eastwood, George Kennedy - 1975
A former assassin reluctantly agrees to another contract killing during a treacherous Alpine climb.
ELECTRA GLIDE IN BLUE - Robert Blake, Billy Green Bush - 1973
An Arizona cop's dreams of becoming a detective begin to materialize during his investigation into an apparent suicide.
ELECTRIC HORSEMAN - Robert Redford, Jane Fonda - 1979
An idealistic rodeo star steals a $12 million Thoroughbred from its exploitative owners to return it to the wilderness.
Director Cameron Grant creates the perfect adult feature combining excellent cinematography, exotic sets and a red hot cast of women..
ELIMINATOR WOMAN - Karen Sheperd, Michel Qissi - 1993
Two Los Angeles cops bring their martial-arts skills to bear against a vicious international crime lord.
ELIZABETH R - Glenda Jackson - 1972
BBC mini-series depicting the entire reign of Elizabeth I, from her struggles with her half-sister Mary just before being crowned as queen to her death in 1603.
ELLIE - Sheila Kennedy, Shelley Winters, Edward Albert, Pat Paulsen - 1984
She's young, she's gorgeous, she's delicously murderous. A sexy, dark, backwoods romp that hits you like a shot of moonshine.
ELTON JOHN LIVE WORLD TOUR 1992 - Elton John - 1992
Elton John performs "Daniel," "Funeral for a Friend," and other favorites during this 1992 concert from Barcelona, Spain.
This 1973 documentary on the making of "Yellow Brick Road" features Elton John on stage and at home.
ELVIS AARON PRESLEY - Documentary on Elvis Presley - 1995
A&E's Biography dispelling current myths surrounding the life of rock superstar Elvis Presley.
EMBRYO - Rock Hudson, Barbara Carrera - 1975
A scientist uses human and animal fetuses outside the womb to develop a growth hormone.
EMMET OTTER'S JUG BAND CHRISTMAS - Jim Henson's muppets - 1977
Emmet Otter and his mother enter a talent contest so that they can buy Christmas gifts with the prize money in this muppet classic.
EMPIRE OF THE ANTS - Joan Collins, Robert Lansing - 1977
Victims of a Florida real estate swindler are lured to a remote island, where they are attacked by giant ants.
ENCHANTMENT - David Niven, Teresa Wright - 1948
A love story set in World War II London. David Niven, Teresa Wright, Evelyn Keyes and Farley Granger star as the viewer is mermerized hoping that history will not repeat itself a second time, as Niven observes great niece's romance.
ENCINO MAN - Sean Astin, Pauly Shore - 1992
Two Encino Valley teens unearth, defrost and befriend a loveable caveman in suburban California.
ENCORE - Jack Jones, Pamela Stephenson
A recording star returns to his singing profession after the trauma of a crumbling marriage and steps into a world of horror.
END OF INNOCENCE - Bridget Fonda, Michael O'Keefe, John Seitz - 1990
When a young man finds his brother murdered without explanation, he and his girlfriend start their own search for the truth.
END OF THE ROAD - James Earl Jones, Stacy Keach - 1970
A torrid relationship between an emotionally unstable young college professor and the wife of a fellow professor builds to a shocking climax.
ENDANGERED SPECIES - Robert Urich, JoBeth Williams - 1982
Livestock mutilations lead a retired New York detective and a Wyoming sheriff to a top-secret germ warfare operation.
ENEMY MINE - Louis Gossett Jr., Dennis Quaid - 1985
Futuristic survivor allegory about antagonistic fighter pilots -- one reptilian, the other human -- stranded on a barren planet.
ENFORCER, THE - Clint Eastwood, Tyne Daly - 1976
"Dirty" Harry Callahan reluctantly accepts a female partner while tracking the kidnappers of San Francisco's mayor.
ENIGMA - Martin Sheen, Brigitte Fossey - 1982
The CIA recruits an East German defector to return to East Berlin and foil a plot to assassinate five Soviet dissidents.
ENTANGLED - Pierce Brosnan, Judd Nelson - 1993
A struggling young writer's jealousy and distrust drives him to kill the man he suspects of seeing his lover.
ENTITY, THE - Barbara Hershey - 1982
A woman is tormented by a being which is intent on possessing her both physically and mentally.
The Witches of Eastwick meets The Exorcist with a side order of Charlie's Angles sprinkled with sex-filled Hong Kong cinema. Highly recommeded to anyone who enjoys cult/camp cinema.
EROTIC WITCH PROJECT - Katie Keane, Darian Caine, Victoria Vega - 1999
Three gorgeous college girls in the woods of Bacchusville, New Jersey, armed with nothing but their bodies and video cameras, fall prey to the Erotic Witch.
X-rated production featuring beautiful and uninhibited TAMMY PARKS in a role that will leave you panting for more.
ESCAPE FROM HELL - Antonio de Teffé, Ajita Wilson, Luciano Pigozzi - 1979
The mother of all women in prison movies. This Film is as violent as it is erotic.
ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK - Kurt Russell, Adrienne Barbeau - 1981
A hardened criminal is offered a pardon if he rescues the president from convicts in the prison city of Manhattan.
ESCAPE TO BURMA - Barbara Stanwyck, Robert Ryan - 1955
Native superstitions and unwanted attentions from a stranger complicate the life of a Burmese plantation mistress.
ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN - Erik von Detten, Elisabeth Moss - 1995
Twins hope to learn the secret of their origin as they flee a millionaire who wants to exploit their mystic powers.
ETERNAL EVIL - Lois Maxwell, Karen Black - 1987
Janice will change a young television director's routine life. She's into black magic and the occult and displays their fatal aspects.
EVE'S BEACH FANTASY - April Adams, Brittany Andrews - 1997
She's an A student in the class room and a double D on the beach. With the whole summer off and a beach house all to herself, what or who is a bad girl to do?
EVERLASTING GLORIA - Gloria Estefan - 1995
Witness Gloria's evolution as an artist and a woman. Look specially for great videos directed by Marcus Nispel ("turn the beat around"), and Rocky Schenk ("everlasting love"), and a cameo appearence by actor Andy Gracia in the video for "I see your smile."
EVERYTHING BUT THE TRUTH - Maureen O'Hara, John Forsythe - 1956
A boy campaigning on a "nothing-but-the-truth" platform complicates the lives of those around him.
EVIDENCE OF BLOOD - David Strathairn, Mary McDonnell, Nancy Beatty - 1998
When a Pulitzer prize winning author of true crimes returns to his hometown in Georgia, it isn't long before he is involved in a forty year old case of a teenage girl who had been murdered. Together with the daughter of the man convicted of the crime, they find themselves caught up in a conspiracy of devastating proportions...
EVIL ALTAR - William Smith, Robert Z'Dar, Pepper Martin - 1988
Low budget horror film set in a town controlled by a satanist who gains his power from human sacrifices.
EVIL AMBITIONS - Paul Morris, Amber Newman, David Levy, Debbie Rochon - 1996
One by one, young women are being sacrificed to bring Ultimate Power to a group of affluent satanists and their leaders.
EVIL CLUTCH - Elena Cantarone, Luciano Crovato, Stefano Molinari - 1988
The story of a hideous monster who takes the form of a beautiful seductive woman. In a torrent of unbelievable special effects, beauty and monstrosity transform in to a climax of pure evil. The Nightmare that grabs you where you least expect it!
EVIL ROY SLADE - John Astin, Mickey Rooney, Dom DeLuise, Henry Gibson, Penny Marshall, John Ritter - 1972
Astin stars as a man who is raised by wolves in a western comedy pilot for a series (Sheriff Who?) that would have shown good guy guest stars being killed every week. The series never sold, but the pilot developed a cult following.
EVIL TOONS - David Carradine, Suzanne Ager, Arte Johnson - 1991
Horror spoof about sorority sisters beset by goblins in an abandoned mansion.
EXCALIBUR - Nigel Terry, Helen Mirren - 1981
Eccentric but spellbinding, sexually aware rendition of the King Arthur legend by a stylish filmmaker working at the peak of his powers.
EXCESSIVE FORCE - Thomas Ian Griffith, Charlotte Lewis - 1993
A cop trained in the martial arts sets out to retrieve stolen mob loot and clear his name.
A sweet young thing inherits a wax museum, goes to visit with several of her young friends, and lo and behold, various tableaux come to life with sexy results for all concerned.
EXOTIC TIME MACHINE, THE - Felicia Sinclair, Gabriella Hall - 1998
It's about 2 scientists who travel back in time to "Get It On" with famous lovers from the past.
EXPERTS, THE - John Travolta, Arye Gross, Kelly Preston, Charles Martin Smith, Deborah Foreman - 1989
Two hip disco operators are selected to train Soviet spies in American mores.
EXPLORERS - Ethan Hawke, River Phoenix - 1985
Three boys - a dreamer, a whiz kid and a social misfit - combine their talents and construct a homemade spaceship.
EXTREMETIES - Farrah Fawcett, James Russo - 1986
The victim of attempted rape turns the tables on her attacker in this harrowing version of William Mastrosimone's play.
EYES OF A STRANGER - Lauren Tewes, Jennifer Jason Leigh - 1980
A terrifying maniac stalks his female prey by watching their every move.
EYES OF LAURA MARS - Faye Dunaway, Tommy Lee Jones - 1978
A fashion photographer's sudden clairvoyance allows her to witness the grusome murders of her friends and subjects.


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