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SABAKA - Brois Karloff - 1955
Boris plays a turbaned general contendeing with a blood thirsty cult and the fiery demon they worship.
SALEM'S LOT - David Soul, James Mason - 1979
A writer senses something amiss when strange occurences herald his return to his New England hometown. Based on Stephen King's novel.
SALSA THE MOTION PICTURE - Bobby Rosa, Rodney Harvey - 1988
Rosa (former lead singer for Menudo) stars in this story of young dreams, dangerous passions and dance fireworks. Puerto Rican Dirty Dancing.
SALUTE TO STEVEN SPIELBERG - host Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg - 1995
Tom Hanks welcomes an all-star gathering as the American Film Institute honors filmmaker Steven Spielberg.
SAM CADE - Glenn Ford, Edgar Buchanan - 1972
Cade learns of a proposed contract killing by the syndicate and discovers that a wartime crony is planning to murder him.
SAND PEBBLES, THE - Steve McQueen, Richard Crenna - 1966
An American is forced to take a stand when opium is planted aboard his gunboat on the Yangtze River.
SANTA CLAWS - Debbie Rochon, Grant Kramer, Dawn Michelucci - 1996
From the co-creator of the horror classic Night of the Living Dead comes a seasonal tale of terror, madness and murder that will chill you to the bone.
SARAH AND THE SEVENTH MATCH - Voice of Mia Farrow - 1983
Animated. A young girl turns to forest animals for help after becoming separated from her parents.
SATAN'S BED - Yoko Ono, Val Avery, Glen Nielson, Gene Wesson - 1965
It's Yoko Ono's film debut in a sleazy adults only S&M drug movie. Released at the same time as Help!
SATAN'S SCHOOL FOR GIRLS - Kate Jackson, Pamela Franklin, Cheryl Ladd, Jamie Smith Jackson
A young woman sets out to discover what's behind all the suicides that plague a fashionable girls' school when her sister is victimized.
SATURN 3 - Kirk Douglas, Farrah Fawcett - 1980
Two research scientists have created a futuristic Garden of Eden.
SAVAGE ABDUCTION - Tom Drake, Amy Thomson, Stephen Oliver - 1972
Not for the squeamish, Savage Abduction is an intense action thriller that plummets into the darkest regions of the human soul.
SAYONARA - Marlon Brando, Red Buttons - 1957
An American jet ace has a poignant affair with the star performer of a famed Japanese acting company.
SCANDAL IN A SMALL TOWN - Raquel Welch, Ronny Cox - 1988
A waitress' questionable past is scrutinized when she takes her daughter's history instructor to court for teaching anti-Semitism.
SCANDAL SHEET - John Derek, Donna Reed, Henry Morgan - 1952
Nifty murder story about a newspaper editor who's involved in a killing, then assigns his star reporter to crack the case.
SCANDAL SHEET - Burt Lancaster, Pamela Reed, Robert Urich - 1985
Supermarket tabloid publisher gets hold of a story that could ruin innocent lives.
SCARFACE - Al Pacino, Michelle Pfeiffer 1983
DePalma's updated version of the gangster classic follows a Cuban refugee in Miami who becomes a cocaine kingpin.
SCARFACE MOB - Robert Stack, Keenan Wynn, Barbara Nichols - 1962
Gangster yarn of Eliot Ness vs. Al Capone. The pilot for The Untouchables TV series.
SCAVENGER HUNT - Vincent Price, Richard Benjamin, Tony Randall, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cloris Leachman - 1979
A millionaire dies and the will is read. The heirs have to collect 100 unique items to qualify as beneficiaries.
SCENE OF THE CRIME (MCA) - Orson Wells, Alan Thicke, Kim Hunter - 1985
Videorelease of the failed TV series, where viewers are invited to solve the mystery. Includes three episodes.
SCENT OF A WOMAN - Al Pacino, Chris O'Donnell - 1992
Pacino won an Oscar for his portrayal of a blind man who takes a student on a life-savoring trip to New York.
SCHIZOID - Klaus Kinski, Christopher Lloyd - 1988
The beautiful female members of a noted psychiatrist's therapy group are being fiendishly murdered.
SCIENCE FICTION, A JOURNEY/UNKNOWN - Museum of Television & Radio Presentation - 1994
Sci-fi series from the past are featured in an attempt to understand man's interest in the future.
SCREAM BABY SCREAM - Ross Harris, Bunny Ware, Phil Philbin, Suzanne Stuart - 1969
See the most grusome and most graphic techniques of reconstructive cosmetic surgery, and ingenious genetic mutation run amok! Cosmetic surgery can change the way you live...and die.
SCREAM PLAY - Rufus Butler Seder, M. Lynda Robinson, George Kuchar - 1984
The story balances on the razor sharp line between fiction and reality. Young Edgar Allen, struggling to become a playwrite in Hollywood, finds that his latest script is taking on a life, and death, of it's own.
SCREAMING SKULL - William Hudson - 1958
A younf wife newly arrived at a haunted mansion is frightened by recurring spectral visions of a human skull.
SCREAMING WOMAN - Olivia de Havilland, Joseph Cotten, Walter Pidgeon - 1972
A wealthy former mental patient goes home and hears the screams of a woman coming from underneath the ground who has been buried alive...
SEAQUEST DSV - Roy Scheider, Shelley Hack, Stephanie Beacham, Jonathan Brandis, Ted Raimi - 1993
A vengeful renegade skipper attacks the 21st-century supersub with her own submarine.
SECOND CHANCE - Robert Mitchum, Linda Darnell - 1953
An American prizefighter in Mexico becomes involved with a woman whose former lover has sent a hit man to kill her.
SECRET LIFE OF KATHY MCCORMICK, THE - Barbara Eden, Josh Taylor - 1988
A grocery store employee's successful masquerade as a member of high society is jeopardized when she falls for a playboy.
SECRET OF MY SUCCESS - Michael J. Fox, Helen Slater, Richard Jordan - 1987
A young college grad is determined to climb New York's corporate ladder in record time by masquerading as an executive.
SECRET OF THE SACRED FOREST - Michael Parsons, Laurie Agudo, Jon Provost - 1970
The forest of no return ...
An investigation into the over 100 ships and planes that have mysteriously vanished in the Bermuda Triangle since 1940.
SEDUCED AND BETRAYED - Susan Lucci, David Charvet - 1995
A vindictive widow vows to ruin the marriage and career of the happily married man who spurned her advances.
SEED PEOPLE - Sam Hennings - 1992
Monster plants spew white goo and Comet Valley locals are brainwashed as creatures roll like tumbleweeds in this comic horror tale.
SERVING IN SILENCE - Glenn Close, Judy Davis - 1995
The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story. Based on the true story of the honored military nurse who was discharged after revealing her lesbianism.
SETTLE THE SCORE - Jaclyn Smith, Howard Duff - 1989
A Chicago policewoman returns to her hometown to find the stranger who raped her 20 years earlier.
SEVEN FACES OF DR. LAO, THE - Tony Randall, Barbara Eden - 1964
George Pal's Oscar-winning tale of a mythical sideshow's effect on the unfulfilled residents of a turn-of-the-century frontier town.
SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN - Jennifer Connelly, Byron Thames, Maddie Corman, Alan Boyce, Polly Draper - 1986
Teenagers find first love in this nicely done, small-scale coming of age comedy-drama.
SEVEN SPIRITUAL LAWS OF SEX - Tammy Parks, Darian Caine, Tiffany Christians, Victoria Zdrok - 1999
See the stars break all of the sexual rules in this new exotic release.
SEVEN RAVENS, THE - Ferdinand and Hermann Diehl - 1953 (US) 1937 (G)
Black and white puppet animation of the Grimm Fairy Tale.
SEVENTH FLOOR - Brooke Shields, Masaya Kato - 1994
A young widow is surounded by murder and betrayal after she becomes involved with a sinister new boyfriend.
SEX AND THE CITY - Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kyle MacLachlan - 1995
Four beautiful female New Yorkers gossip about their sex-lives (or lack thereof) and find new ways to deal with being a woman in the 90's. The Complete First Season Boxed Set.
SEX AND THE SINGLE ALIEN - Eric Kohner, Melenie Rose - 1993
Amorous extraterrestrials give a man the extraordinary power to arouse women by just looking at them.
SEX, CHOCOLATE AND ZOMBIE REPUBLICANS - Jenna Faustino, Elyse Ashton, Andrea Gillie Kemp - 1998
An broken chain letter wreaks havok: Decent people begin turning into white-faced, right-wing Zombies. Ala "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", it spreads.
SEXECUTIONER - Jennifer Thomas, Bob Cain, Loryn Miller - 1998
A female executioner fulfills the fantasies of all the men on death row until she encounters a prisoner with whom she has a long history...
SEXUAL INSTINCT - Ashlyn Gere, Leanna Foxxx, P.J. Sparxx, Melanie Moore
An artist is haunted by sexual nightmares that push her to the extremes of sexual behavior.
SEXUAL INSTINCT 2 - Teri Diver, Isis Nile, Victoria Andrews
As a husband's sexual disinterest grows, his wife's erotic fantasies come to life in a bizarre twist.
SEXUALLY BEWITCHED - Amber Newman, Michelle Hall, Johnny Quaid - 2000
Bored, sexually frustrated Sarah accepts a position as an apprentice to a "sexual sorceress" and magical sexual hijinks ensue.
SGT. KABUKIMAN NYPD - Rick Gianasi, Susan Byun, Bill Weeden, Pamela Alster - 1990
Fatal sushi, heatseeking chopsticks and pyro projectile parasols! Columbo with a dash of Jim Carrey
SHADOW OF THE HAWK - Jan-Michael Vincent, Marilyn Hassett - 1976
A medicine man's grandson and a young female journalist join forces to stop a sorceress's quest for power.
SHADOWLANDS - Joss Ackland, Claire Bloom - 1985
A fact-based account of English author C.S. Lewis' romance with American Joy Gresham.
SHADOWMAN - Tom Hulce, Manouk van der Meulen, Jeroen KrabbÚ - 1988
The Shadowman (Hulce) and other Jews endure abuse and neglect in WWII.
SHAFT IN AFRICA - Richard Roundtree, Frank Finlay - 1973
Private eye John Shaft is sent to Ethiopia to infiltrate an Africa-to-Europe slave-smuggling ring.
SHAFT'S BIG SCORE! - Richard Roundtree, Moses Gunn - 1972
Detective Shaft tries to find a friend's killer and a large sum of money hidden before the killing occurred.
SHAFT: COP KILLER - Richard Roundtree, Ed Barth - 1974
A New York-based private eye uses his street savvy to crack cases in this episode from the theatrically inspired tele-series.
SHAFT: THE KIDNAPPING - Richard Roundtree, Paul Burke - 1973
A New York based private eye uses his street savvy to crack cases in this episode from the theatrically inspired tele-series.
SHAFT: THE KILLING - Richard Roundtree, Ed Barth - 1973
A New York-based private eye uses his street savvy to crack cases in this episode from the,theatrically inspired tele-series.
SHAKESPEARE IN AND OUT - Roger Shank, Razel Wolf, Stacey Nicolite - 1999
Rich Longfellow is a young aspiring actor who dreams of playing Shakespear's Hamlet. Moving from Ohio to L.A., Rich finds work in a full lenght porno, Aristole and his horny time travels.
SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE - Geoffrey Rush, Joseph Fiennes, Gwyneth Paltrow - 1998
A young Shakespeare, out of ideas and short of cash, meets his ideal woman and is inspired to write one of his most famous plays.
SHANGHAIED IN ASTORIA - Carl Jenkins, Chris Lynn Taylor, Curt Harris, Walt Plummer - 1991
Video of the stage-play delivered by the Astor Street Opry Company, live at the Astor Hotel, in Astoria, Oregon.
SHAOLIN CHALLENGES NINJA - Shaolin Challenges Ninja, Norman Chu - 1979
SHAOLIN EXECUTIONER - Chen Kuan, Tai Lo Lieh - 1982
Tiger Claw and Crane-boxing Kung-fu styles highlight this film when a Shaolin Temple is overthrown by a vicious warlord.
SHARK - Burt Reynolds, Silvia Pinal, Arthur Kennedy, Emilia Stuart - 1970
A smooth, fast talking gun runner in need of cash and a way out of small port city is seduced by a sexy siren of the sea, he soon finds himself diving into shark infested waters. Directed by Samuel Fuller.
SHE BEAST - Barbara Steele, Ian Oglivy, Mel Welles - 1965
A witch who has been at the bottom of the lake for two-hundred years has risen from the dead is on a path of revenge.
SHE WAITS - Patty Duke-Astin, David McCallum, Dorothy McGuire - 1971
The spirit of a man's first wife posses his new bride when the couple moves into an old house.
SHE'S HAVING A BABY - Kevin Bacon - 1988
John Hughes' story of a newly married copywriter adjusting to suburban life.
SHE'S OUT OF CONTROL - Tony Danza, Catherine Hicks - 1989
Anxiety and hysteria strike a widowed father after his "little" girl makes an abrupt jump to adulthood.
SHE'S TOO TALL - Corey Feldman, George Hamilton, Brigitte Nielsen - 1998
(description unavailable at this time)
SHEENA - Tanya Roberts, Ted Wass, Donovan Scott, Elizabeth of Toro - 1984
Orphaned British child is raised by African tribe to be their beautiful protectress. Campy jungle adventure, based on a comic strip.
SHOCK 'EM DEAD - Traci Lords, Troy Donahue, Aldo Ray
Lords stars as the apple of a devil worshipper's eye in this sinfully entertaining thriller.
SHOCKED aka Mesmerized - Jodie Foster, John Lithgow, Michael Murphy - 1986
An orphan teen is married and brutalized by her husband. She tries hypnotism as a weapon against him.
SHOGUN - Richard Chamberlain, Toshir˘ Mifune, Y˘ko Shimada - 1980
An English navigator becomes both a player and pawn in the complex political games in feudal Japan.
SHORT CIRCUIT - Ally Sheedy, Steve Guttenberg - 1986
A bolt of lightning endows a military robot with sensitivity and an insatiable appetite for knowledge.
SHOUT LOUD . . . I DON'T UNDERSTAND - Marcello Mastroianni, Raquel Welch, Guido Alberti, Leopoldo Trieste - 1966
Italian self-consciosly zany farce about an antiques dealer with an over-active imagination.
SHOWDOWN IN LITTLE TOKYO - Brandon Lee, Dolph Lundgren - 1991
Two L.A. Cops use their combined martial-arts skills to wreak havok on the Japanese hood lording it over Little Tokyo.
SHRIKE, THE - Jose Ferrer, June Allyson - 1955
A possessive wife and a suicidal husband attempt to iron out their problems with the help of a psychiatrist.
SHRIMP ON THE BARBIE, THE - Cheech Marin, Emma Samms - 1990
An Australian heiress hires a Mexican-American waiter to convince her father of her true love's worthiness.
SIBLING RIVALRY - Kirstie Alley, Bill Pullman - 1990
A neglected housewife's impulsive fling leads to unforseen complications when the man she just made love to dies in their hotel bed.
THE SICILIAN - Christopher Lambert, Barbara Sukowa, John Turturro - 1987
A Sicilian tale taking Robin Hood into the twentieth century, Salvatore Giuliano achieves the status of hero from distributing land away from opulant estate barrons and to the peasantry--regardless of whether or not blood is shed in the process
SID & NANCY - Gary Oldman, Chloe Webb - 1986
A fact-based account of the turbulent and ill-fated romance between punk rocker Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen.
SIDDARTHA - Sashi Kapoor, Simi Garewal, Romesh Shama - 1973
Herman Hesse's story about a young Indian who embarks upon a journey to find the meaning of existence.
SILAS MARNER - Ben Kingsley, Jenny Agutter - 1985
Outstanding adaptation of the classic George Eliot novel about life in a superstitious English village of the 1800s.
SILENT RUNNING - Bruce Dern, Cliff Potts - 1974
An extremely well made science fiction thriller about a 21st century space station crew whose job is to keep the last vegetation from earth alive.
SILENT STRANGER - Tony Anthony, Lloyd Battista - 1969
A gunfighter takes on several sword-swinging samurai in this lesser known installment in the "Stranger" series.
SILHOUETTE - Faye Dunaway, David Rasche - 1990
A woman stranded in a small community witnesses a murder where the only clue to the killer's identity is a silhouette.
SILVER BULLET - Gary Busey - 1985
Suspenseful thriller with astounding special effects. Based on Stephen King's novelette 'Cycle of The Werewolf.'
SIMON - Alan Arkin, Madeline Kahn - 1980
Scatterbrained scientisits take an ordinary man and convince him that he's really an alien from outer space.
SIMON & SIMON: IN TROUBLE AGAIN - Jameseon Parker, Gerald McRaney - 1995
A reunion between Rick and A.J. runs aground when circumstances force them to reprise their roles as private eyes.
SINBAD AND THE EYE OF THE TIGER - Jane Seymour, Patrick Wayne - 1977
The Arabian swashbuckler's adventures in a mystical land of swords and sorcery. Special effects by Ray Harryhausen.
SINS OF A WOMAN - Angelica Sin, Bobbi Bliss
Private Eye Randi Hunt is hired to follow a woman named Sin. Her wealthy husband suspects thay she may be into something bad.
SINS OF DESIRE - Tanya Roberts, Nick Cassavetes - 1992
A woman attempts to learn why her sister committed suicide after she received treatment at a sex therapy clinic.
SISTERS - Jennifer Salt, Margot Kidder - 1973
Ghoulish horror film about siamese twin sisters who are surgically separated - with homicidal results.
SIXTH FINGER - David McCallum - 1963
A brilliant scientist accelerates human evolution and transforms a young coal miner into a man of the future.
SIXTH SENSE - Bruce Willis, Haley Joel Osment - 1999
Exceptional thriller about a dedicated child psychologist who faces his greatest challenge in reaching a young boy who lives in a world of ghosts.
SIZZLE BEACH USA - Kevin Costner, Leslie Brander, Roselyn Royce - 1986
Hot Sand! Hot Bodies! Hot Costner!
SLASHDANCE - Cindy Maranne, James Carrol Jordan, Queen Kong, Joel Von Ornsteiner, Jay Richardson - 1989
A female Hollywood cop goes undercover as a dancer to capture a hooded maniac with a saw who kills dancers auditioning for a musical.
SLAUGHTER - Jim Brown, Stella Stevens, Rip Torn - 1972
Vietnam vet single-handedly takes on the mobto avenge the murder of his family.
SLAUGHTER'S BIG RIP-OFF Jim Brown, Judith M. Brown, Ed McMahon - 1973
Slaughter's back to take on the mafia once again, this time avenging the death of his friend.
SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE - Michael Sacs, Ron Leibman, Valerie Perrine - 1972
Based on Kurt Vonnegut's best selling novel about a suburban optometrist who experiences events in the future on an alien planet.
SLAYGROUND - Peter Coyote, Billie Whitelaw - 1984
A father hunts down two men who killed his daughter to do the same injustice to them.
SLEEP OF DEATH - Brendan Price, Marilyn Tolo, Patrick Magee - 1979
A number of strange and suspenseful murders arise when a young English fellow pursues a hot-blooded woman.
SLEEPER - Woody Allen, Diane Keaton - 1973
After a 200-year sleep, a man awakens in a future police state and becomes involved in a plot to kidnap the nose of a dictator.
SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE - Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks - 1993
A recently engaged woman becomes obsessed with meeting the grieving widower she heard on a late-night radio show.
SLEEPY HOLLOW - Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci - 1999
Constable Icabod Crane is sent to an isolated village to investigate a series of murders reportedly commited by a headless horseman.
SLIPSTREAM - Mark Hamill, Ben Kingsley, Bill Paxton - 1989
Hamill returns from space as Tasker, a lawman facing brutal challenges in a futuristic world where nature has gone mad.
SLITHER - James Caan, Peter Boyle, Sally Kellerman - 1973
An ex-con is followed by two strange vans when he sets out to recover a cashe of loot concealed by his former partner.
SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE, THE - Michael Villela, Robin Stille - 1982
A group of scantily clad young ladies find it difficult to get any sleep when a mental patient shows up at their slumber party with an electric drill.
SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE: VOL 2 - Patrick Lowe, Crystal Bernard - 1987
Survivor from the original massacre is haunted by nightmares that awaken her sexuality and heighten her imagination. The combination is deadly.
SMALL CHANGE - Philippe Goldman, Georges Desmouceaux - 1976
Thoroughly charming, intelligent film examines the lives of young children--their joys, sorrows, frustrations, adventures--in a small French village.
SMALL GUAGE SHOTGUN - Chris Enright, Ray Wilcox, Laura Rosow - 1992
Collection of eight shorts by filmmakers, Danny Plotnick and Sikora, that until the videorelease could only be seen at shows and art theaters.
SMILE - Bruce Dern, Barbara Feldon - 1975
A California pageant is full of sincere hopefuls and ambitious promoters in this satire targeting beauty contests.
SMOKE - Ron Howard, Earl Holliman, Andy Devine - 1970
A boy (Howard) refuses to accept his new step-father after his real father dies in a car crash and focuses his affections on a German shepherd.
SMOKY MOUNTAIN CHRISTMAS, A - Bo Hopkins, Lee Majors, Dolly Parton, John Ritter - 1986
Country-western musical variation on Snow White puts Dolly in charge of seven ultr-cute orphans.
SMUGGLER'S COVE - Greg Rowe, Sally Boyden - 1981
Four teens stumble onto an exciting adventure off an Australian beach after a run-in with an experimental speedboat.
SNAKE PEOPLE - Boris Karloff - 1968
Karloff is a landowner and voodoo cultist on the island of the Snake People, where the natives are transformed into mindless zombies.
SNEAKERS - Robert Redford, Dan Aykroyd - 1992
Computer hackers learn the device they were hired to retrieve is capable of cracking the nation's security systems.
SNOW DEVILS - Giacomo Rossi-Stuart, Ombretta Colli - 1965
Himalayan explorers in search of the Yeti learn of an extra-terrestrial plot to alter the earth's climate.
SOLDIER IN THE RAIN - Steve McQueen, Jackie Gleason - 1963
A Master sergeant is constantly getting his hero-worshiping protoge out of sticky stiuations
SOME GIRLS - Jennifer Connelly, Patrick Dempsey - 1988
A jilted student gets another shot at romance when he meets his ex-sweetheart's two sisters at their home in Quebec.
SOMEBODY UP THERE LIKES ME - Paul Newman, Pier Angeli - 1956
A youth turns his rebellious nature into a successful ring career in this fact-based portrait of boxer Rocky Graziano.
SOMETHING IN COMMON - Ellen Burstyn, Tuesday Weld - 1986
A widowed editor is shocked to discover her son has become involved with a woman close to her own age.
SOMETHING IS OUT THERE - Joseph Cortese, Maryam d'Abo, Kim Delaney - 1988
A sexy, humanoid, space alien teams up with a streetwise cop to track down an alien creature that mutilates locals.
SOMETIMES A GREAT NOTION - Paul Newman, Henry Fonda, Michael Sarrazin - 1971
A family of independent Oregon loggers refuses to participate in a local strike action against the big lumber companies.
SON OF DRACULA - Harry Nilsson, Ringo Starr, Suzanna Leigh, Freddie Jones, Dennis Price - 1974
A modern day Dracula sings in nightclubs, fights a wolfman, becomes a bat, falls in love and wants to become human.
SON OF GODZILLA - Tadao Takashima, Akira Kubo - 1967
The mighty monster and its newly hatched offspring are challenged by a deadly giant mantis.
SON OF MONTE CRISTO, THE - Louis Hayward, Joan Bennett - 1940
The son of Edmond Dantes comes to the aid of a duchess whose throne is threatened by a scheming general.
SON OF PALEFACE - Bob Hope, Jane Russell, Roy Rogers - 1952
In this sequel to "The Paleface", Bob Hope plays Junior Potter, who returns to claim his father's gold, which is nowhere to be found. Jane Russell is "Mike", the luscious head of a gang of thieves, and Roy Rogers is the federal marshal hot on her tale.
SONG OF BERNADETTE, THE - Jennifer Jones, Charles Bickford - 1943
Based on the true story of a 19th century peasant woman who claimed to see the Virgin Mary near her home in Lourdes.
SONG OF THE SOUTH - Ruth Warrick, James Baskett, Bobby Driscoll, Luana Patten, Lucile Watson, Hattie McDaniel - 1946
Live-action/animation Disney classic full of delightful Uncle Remus stories featuring tricky Br'er Rabbit and sly Br'er Fox.
SONNY BOY - David Carradine, Brad Dourif, Michael Griffin - 1990
A stolen car contains a baby in the back-seat. The car-thief and his transvestite "wife" cut out the boy's tongue and raise him as a mute accomplice in their crimes. "Sonny Boy" escapes to encounter the outside world.
SONGWRITER - Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson - 1984
The world of country music is filled with ups and downs for a revered singer and his irresponsible ex-partner.
SOPRANOS, THE - James Gandolfini, Lorraine Bracco, John Heard - 1999
Violent, bad-mouthed, funny comedy/drama series. The Complete First Season Boxed Set.
SOUL TO SOUL - Ike and Tina Turner, Wilson Pickett, the Staples Singers, Santana, Voices of East Harlem - 1971
Captures a trip to Ghana by top American stars for a cultural as well as musical exchange.
SOUND OF MUSIC - Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer - 1965
A woman leaves an Austrian convent to become a governess to a Naval officer widower.
SOYLENT GREEN - Charlton Heston, Edward G. Robinson - 1973
A detective in the overpopulated 21st century learns the horrible secret behind the world's food source.
SPACE CAMP - Leaf Phoenix, Kelly Preston, Tom Skerritt, Lea Thompson - 1986
While attending the United States Space Camp five teenagers and their instructor are accidentally launched into space onboard a shuttle.
SPACE MUTINY - Reb Brown, John Phillip Law - 1988
There is nowhere to hide when the evil Kalgan leads a mutiny aboard an enormous spacecraft.
SPACE RAGE - John Laughlin, Michael Pare - 1986
Set on a planet called Botany Bay, a work colony for cosmic criminals, a ruthless convict leads his fellow inmates in a violent uprising.
SPACE VAMPIRES - John Carradine, Wendell Corey - 1981
A demented astrospace scientist succeeds in creating a blood thirsty zombie that goes on a rampage of butchery and mutilation.
SPACEHUNTER: ADV./FORBIDDEN ZONE - Peter Strauss, Molly Ringwald - 1983
In the 22nd century, a mercenary and a punkish waif set out to rescue three space maidens from a vallainous cyborg.
SPASMS - Peter Fonda, Oliver Reed - 1982
A monstrous deadly snake strikes continuously casing death and destruction.
SPECIAL BULLETIN - Ed Flanders, Kathryn Walker, Roxanne Hart, Rosalind Cash, Christopher Allport - 1983
Protesters threaten to destroy Charleston, SC unless the nuclear warheads stored there are deactivated. Presented in newscast format.
SPEED ZONE! - John Candy, Peter Boyle, Brooke Shields - 1989
A police chief's attempt to halt a coast-to-coast auto race fails when inexperienced drivers sit in for the pros.
SPELLBINDER - Timothy Daly, Kelly Preston - 1988
A nightmarish struggle with the relentless forces of evil, a struggle that can only end where it began: in the kingdom of hell.
SPIKE'S GANG, THE - Lee Marvin, Gary Grimes - 1974
Three farmboys run away from home, and an outlaw takes them on as apprentice bank robbers.
SPINE - R. Eric Huxley, Janus Blythe, Lise Romanoff, Larry Nielson 1986
A madman stalks nurses, brutally stabbing them to death. In his fevered mind, he believes his victims to be a woman from his past named Linda. Police struggle to apprehend him before he can murder and mutilate again.
SPIRIT OF THE EAGLE - Dan Haggerty, Bill Smith - 1991
A frontier map maker and his eagle companion track the river pirate who abducted his young son.
SPLIT - Timothy Dwight, Joan Bechtel, John Flynn - 1990
One man holds the key to safety when outer space androids fight for control of the planet.
SPLITTING HEIRS - Rick Moranis, Eric Idle - 1993
The rightful heir to a British dukedom and banking empire seeks a way to oust an obnoxious pretender to the throne.
SPOOKIES - Felix Ward, Dan Scott - 1987
A dilapidated mansion becomes a slaughterhouse when an evil sorcerer unleashes his monstrous sidekicks on a group of teen-age intruders.
Some of the world's greatest models and photographers gather to create 1992's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.
SQUEEZE PLAY - Jim Harris, Jennifer Hetrick, Michael P. Moran, Diana Valentien - 1980
A hilarious, raunchy comedy about a women's softball team where anything goes. It's a wild battle of the sexes as the World Series of Laughs heats up on and off the softball field.
SQUIRM - John Scardino, Patricia Pearcy - 1976
Crawling, repulsive creatures terrorize everyone in their path. Highlighted by Rick Baker's special effects makeup.
ST. LOUIS BLUES - Nat King Cole, Pearl Bailey - 1958
The life story of W.C. Handy, from his boyhood struggles through his success as a pianist and composer.
STAGECOACH - Ann-Margret, Alex Cord - 1966
Stagecoach passengers face Indian attacks, dangerous outlaws and the unexpected birth of a baby on a long journey.
STALKING MOON, THE - Gregory Peck, Eva Marie Saint - 1968
An Apache warrior sets out to trap the Army scout who helped a woman and her son escape captivity.
STAND BY ME - Wil Wheaton, River Phoenix - 1986
Four friends share what could be their last adventure together as they search for a missing boy's body.
STAR 80 - Mariel Hemingway, Eric Roberts - 1983
Based on the life of model-actress Dorothy Stratten, the 1980 Playmate of the Year murdered by her estranged husband.
STAR IS BORN, A - Barbara Streisand, Kris Kristofferson - 1976
Feeling his own popularity slipping as his wife's career takes off, a rock star drowns his sorrows in alcohol.
STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KAHN - William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy - 1982
The past returns to haunt Adm. James T. Kirk when he and the Enterprise crew become locked in a battle of wits with an old nemesis.
STAR WARS TRILOGY - Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford - 1977-1983
Special boxed-set includes Star Wars, Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi.
STAR WORMS II - ATTACK OF THE PLEASURE PODS Taylor Gilbert, David O'Hara - 1985
Jessup is imprisoned on a deadly and desolate planet, The Star Prison! Banished to mine rabid rivers for the elusive Fire Gems, Jessup and his men must battle bands of derelict prisoners and fight the fatal fangs of the Star Worms.
STARFLIGHT ONE - Ray Milland, Lee Majors, Hal Linden - 1983
The world's first hypersonic airliner is trapped in and orbit above earth and a space shuttle is called upon to rescue it.
STARK - Nicolas Surovy, Marilu Henner, Dennis Hopper - 1985
Exciting, atmospheric TV movie about a country boy crimebuster busting up Las Vegas in a complicated web of blackmail and murder.
STARMAN - Jeff Bridges, Karen Allen - 1984
An alien and the widow of a man he's impersonating run from government agents as they travel toward a rendezvous with his spaceship.
STEELYARD BLUES - Jane Fonda, Donald Sutherland - 1973
Offbeat tale about the picaresque exploits of a group of anarchic misfits who share a junkyard home.
STENDHAL SYNDROME - Asia Argento, Thomas Kretschmann, Sonia Topazio - 1996
Dario Argento's psyco-horror masterpiece. His most brutal and truly terrifying film is now available in the unrated directors cut.
STEPFATHER, THE - Shelly Hack, Terry O'Quinn, Jill Schoelen - 1987
Chilling tale about a family man whose demeanor masks a deep-seated dementia.
STEPFATHER 2 MAKE ROOM FOR DADDY - Terry O'Quinn, Meg Foster - 1989
Psychotic stepdad tries to pass himself off as a marriage counselor as he continues his search for the perfect family.
STEPPENWOLF - Max Von Sydow, Dominique Sanda - 1974
Fred Haines' psychedelic adaptation of Hermann Hesse's 1927 novel.
STILL LIFE - Jason Gedrick, Jessica Steen, Stephen Shellan - 1990
A psycho artist in NYC kills homeless people, makes sculptures out of them and sells them as art. A performance art group member is suspect.
STILL OF THE NIGHT - Meryl Streep, Roy Scheider - 1982
A Manhattan psychiatrist suspected of murdering a patient becomes increasingly involved with the dead man's mistress.
STILLWATCH - Lynda Carter, Angie Dickenson - 1987
A TV-news reporter is drawn into the mystery surrounding a senator's connection to a house with a disturbing history.
STOKER ACE - Burt Reynolds, Loni Anderson - 1983
A stock-car racer makes a bad deal with an unscrupulous chicken franchiser and becomes involved with a publicist.
STONE COLD - Brian Bosworth, Lance Henriksen - 1991
A cop's mission to infiltrate a biker gang leads to a terrorist confrontation at Florida's state capital.
STOOGES: THE MEN BEHIND THE MAYHEM - The Three Stooges Dcumentary - 1995
A&E's Biography. The Three Stooges began in vaudeville and went on to perform in some 200-plus movie shorts. Film clips abound.
STORY OF A JUNKIE - John Spaceley - 1984
It's the story of a desperate man living in desperate society. The purity of the horror is fascinating.
STORY OF O - Corinne Clery, Udo Kier, Anthony Steele - 1975
O is whipped, pierced, and passed around by wealthy jaded men in this glossy S&M sex hit set in the 1930s.
STRANGE INVADERS - Paul LeMat, Nancy Allen - 1983
A college professor discovers that a colony of Midwesterners are actually aliens from a far-off planet.
STRANGER IN TOWN - Tony Anthony, Frank Wolff - 1966
A peaceful frontier town is torn asunder when a mysterious gunslinger tracks a bandit on the streets.
STRANGER RETURNS - Tony Anthony, Don Vadis - 1967
A stranger impersonates a postal inspector while tracking the thieves behind a gold heist.
STRANGER WITHIN - Barbara Eden, George Grizzard - 1974
An expectant mother begins to suspect that her actions and emotions are being controlled by her unborn baby.
STRAP ON SALLY 8 - Penthouse Pet Tammy Parks
Gorgeous Penthouse Pet Tammy Parks heats up the screen in one of her first screen performances. This video features Girl-Girl performances. You must be 18 or over to order this cassette.
STREET FIGHT - Barry White, Scatman Crothers, Phillip Michael Thomas - 1973
The crator of Fritz the Cat mixes live action and animation. Originally titled, Coonskin, the film closed soon after release due to potests.
STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE - Ann-Margret, Treat Williams, Beverly D'Angelo, Randy Quaid -1984
Effective remake of Tennessee Williams classic with Ann-Margret as faded southern belle on a collision course with brute brother-in-law.
STREETS OF FIRE - Michael Pare, Diane Lane, Rick Moranis, Amy Madigan, Ed Begley Jr., Bill Paxton - 1984
A rock singer is kidnapped by the Bombers gang in this rock and roll fable.
STREET SMART - Christopher Reeve, Kathy Baker, Morgan Freeman, Mimi Rogers - 1987
A struggling journalist fictionalizes an expose of NYC pimps/prostitutes, with deadly consequences. Based on a true story.
STRIPES - Bill Murray, Harold Ramis - 1981
A perennial loser and his pal join the Army and create an international incident by crossing the Czechoslovakian border.
STRIPPED TO KILL - Kay Lenz, Greg Evigan, Norman Fell - 1987
Detective, Kay Lenz, is assigned to go undercover at a strip bar to get a lead on a wacko who has been murdering the dancers.
STRIPPER - Janette Boyd, Sara Costa, Lisa Suarez - 1986
Examine the lives of five exotic dancers competing in a national strptease competition in Las Vegas.
STRANGEST DREAMS - INVASION OF THE SPACE PREACHERS - Jim Wolfe, Eliska Hahn, Laurie Pennington, Jimmie Walker - 1990
A heartwarming, science fiction adventure that pits a delirious dentist, a pencil wielding accountant and a shapely space woman against an egotistical intergalactic evangelist
STRAP ON SALLY 8 - Tammy Parks
Gorgeous Penthouse Pet Tammy Parks heats up the screen in one of her first screen performances. Adult
STUART LITTLE - Geena Davis, Jonathan Lipnicki, Allyce Beasley - 1999
Cute family film adaptation loosely based on E. B. White's book about a mouse, adopted by a human family, who falls prey to the plotting of a jealous housecat.
STUCK ON YOU - Irwin Corey, Virginia Penta, Mark Mikulski, Wendy Adams - 1984
A nutso, hilarious, sex odyssey for lovers of all ages. It's all about lovers down through the ages! From cave couples, to Atilla and his sexy hons, to King Arthur and his nights of the raunch'll come unglued with laughter
STUFF STEPHANIE IN THE INCINERATOR - William Dame, Catherine Dee - 1989
Don't throw your love away... BURN IT!
SUCKER THE VAMPIRE - Monica Baber, Yan Birch, Gail Harris - 1998
One hundred years after Bram Stoker's Dracula, comes a new kind of vampire story. It's time to raise the stakes!
SUDIE AND SIMPSON - Sara Gilbert, Louis Gossett Jr. - 1990
Friendship blossoms between a young white girl and a lonely black man in rural Georgia during the early 1940's.
SUGAR COOKIES - Mary Woronov, Lynn Lowry, Monique Van Vooren, Ondine, Jennifer Welles - 1972
Lynn Lowry plays dual roles in this rare NYC erotic thriller about sex, mind games, murder and making movies.
SUICIDE CLUB - Mariel Hemingway, Robert Joy, Anne Lange, Michael O'Donoghue - 1988
A bored heiress is invited to join a band of card-playing thrill seekers. The stakes are high and someone must die.
SUMMER CAMP - John McLaughlin, Colleen O'Neil
This is the summer camp your parents NEVER wanted to know about.
SUMMER CITY - Mel Gibson, Phil Avalon, Debbie Forman - 1976
Four teens go on a surfing weekend and ecounter trouble when one is caught messing around with a local's daughter. (Australian)
SUMMER JOB - Amy Baxter, Sherrie Rose - 1989
College Students engage in crazy shenannigans during their seasonal employment at a resort.
SUMMER OF FEAR - Linda Blair - 1978
Thriller combining the terror of witchcraft and the intrigue of the occult.
SUMMER RENTAL - John Candy, Richard Crenna - 1985
Comedy about a working stiff's refusal to let some arrogant fat cats spoil his family's vacation in Florida.
SUNSHINE CHRISTMAS - Cliff De Young, Barbara Hershey, Bill Mumy - 1977
A musician, brooding over the marriage of his sometime girlfriend, decides to take his adopted daughter to his home in Texas to celebrate Christmas with his family.
SUPER MARIO BROS. - Bob Hoskins, John Leguizamo - 1993
Based on the popular video game which takes two plumbers on a perilous mission to rescue a parallel-world princess.
SUPERGIRL - Helen Slater, Faye Dunaway - 1984
Superman's cousin comes to Earth to recover a precious stone, which has fallen into the clutches of an evil sorceress.
SUPERMAN III - Christopher Reeve, Richard Pryor - 1983
Clark Kent's class reunion is disrupted when a villain forces a computer genious to help destroy Superman.
SUPERMAN IV: THE QUEST FOR PEACE - Christopher Reeve, Gene Hackman - 1987
Superman's mission to rid the earth of nuclear weapons runs afoul of Lex Luthor and the radiation-spawned Nuclear Man.
SURF NAZIS MUST DIE - Barry Brenner, Gail Neely, Dawn Wildsmith - 1987
The beaches have become battlefields...the waves are a war zone...and Surf Nazis Must Die.
SURPRISE PARTY - Catalina L'Amour
A group of girls on their way to a party meet with perverted sadists when their car breaks down.
SURVIVAL 101 - Don Ray, Alex Black, Kit Hadley, Tom Caladan, Jenifer Proctor, Mike Noble - 1992
Four college students re-open an experimental facility, only to find terror, eroticism and death as their summer research.
SURVIVE! - Pablo Ferrel, Hugo Stiglitz - 1976
Sixteen plane crash victims stranded in the Andes face the prospect of turning to cannibalism to survive. Based on a true story.
SURVIVING THE GAME - Rutger Hauer, Ice-T - 1994
A homeless man believes he is being used as a guide for six hunters until he discovers that he is to be the quarry.
SUSAN SLADE - Connie Stevens, Troy Donahue - 1961
A crisis exposes the truth behind a woman's masquerade as the mother of her daughter's illegitimate child.
SUSPIRIA - Jessica Harper, Joan Bennett - 1977
An American student enrolled in a German dance academy arrives and two student are murdered ala 'Psycho,' announcing the beginning of the nightmarish terror.
SVENGALI - Hildegard Neff, Donald Wolfit - 1955
A Rasputin-like occultist and hypnotist, mesmerically seduces innocent Trilby transforms her into a great singer but possesses her mind.
This animated story about Arcane's assault on the Swamp Thing using his most powerful mutant weapon: The Un-Men. 1/2 hour.
SWEATER GIRLS - Charlene Tilton, Harry Moses, Meegan King, Noelle North, Kate Sarchet - 1984
In the summer of '56, The Sweater Girls, a female gang, are determined to fulfill their craziest fantasies.
SWEET HOSTAGE - Linda Blair, Martin Sheen - 1975
An escaped mental patient attempts to teach the finer things in life to his illiterate teen-age captive.
SWORD IN THE DESERT- Dana Andrews, Marta Toren - 1949
An unsympathetic sea captain experiences a change of heart while smuggling refugees to the Palestine coast.
SYLVIA KRISTEL'S BEAUTY SCHOOL - Sylvia Kristel, Kevin Bernhardt - 1993
A rich entrepreneur seeks the help of several lovely ladies to market a new bra.
SYNTHETIC PLEASURES - Scott Bakatman, John Perry Barlow, Timothy Leary - 1996
Off-beat documentary about man-made diversions that simulate our perveted nature.


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